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Custom Crush

What is a Custom Crush Facility? 

Custom Crush Facilities, also known as "custom crush wineries" are specilized winemaking facilities that provide services to grape growers and winemakers. At Bear Creek Winery we offer a wide range of services from grape processing and fermentation to aging, this provides accesibility and flexibility to winemakers on all levels. Whether you an aspiring winemaker with a small vineyard or a boutiqe winery seeking to expand, our custom crush services offer a cost effective and efficient solution. 

Leave the work to us.

Our team understands that building a full scale winery can be a massive upfront investment. Winemaking is a intriqite and time consuming craft that requires precision, expertise and specilized equipment. For many winemakers, the costs associated with a full scale winery can be prohibitive. This is where Bear Creek Winery comes into play. Our facility offers a solution for those who want to bring thier harvests to life without the burdensome investment in infastructure and eqipment. We have a team of experinced professionals who can provide guidence and advice throuought the winemaking process. By outsourcing the production aspects to our team, you can focus on what you do best - creating unique and exceptional blends for your brand.

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