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Brandie Baumback -
Customer Relations Manager - Export Logistics Coordinator - Sales and Marketing

 "I started with Bear Creek Winery 10 years ago, and it has been one of the best decades of my life. The Kautz Family fosters the mindset to help their employees grow and gain valuable experience in the industry. They maintain a team of professionals that mentor and work together for the well-being of the company, clients and one another.  I've been blessed to be part of a company that genuinely wants to see their customers succeed, and stands by them every step of the way. Making certain they have the support needed to accomplish their goals." - Brandie

Brandie's Story

As a Lodi native, Brandie found her love for the vineyard and winemaking as a young girl on her grandfather’s ranch. She could often be found running barefoot through the irrigation ditches in the sweltering summer heat. Being the granddaughter of a German immigrant, hard work was a way of life and everyone shared the load. Later in life, Brandie helped her grandfather with tractor work, attend to the orchards and gardens, and even make homemade Flame Tokay ( a variety that once reigned supreme as the queen of the Lodi Appellation ) wine for family and friends. 

With a strong work ethic, Brandie dove into the winery business right after school. Her first job was with Sebastiani Winery. She later worked for Turner Road Vintners, which was a favorite job of hers, as her father was the cellar foreman there and it created a bond between them, " the family business" they would lovingly joke.

Brandie came to Bear Creek Winery in 2013, where she has found her place as a dedicated and valuable team member. She has held multiple positions over the years, most currently as our Customer Relations Manager. She is dedicated to serving our customers and takes great pride in assisting clients. Her vision is that all customers feel seen, heard and know they have the extra support when needed. She also handles our Export Logistics and plays an important role in Sales and Marketing. 

Brandie has a deep love for the wine world and considers herself a oenophile. She is currently chasing the DipWSET, Capstone California level 4 and attending University of Davis, California for their Winemaking Certification Course. Her end goal is to hold the coveted title of a Master of Wine. She has earned her CSWS credentials from the House of Lustau in Spain and is a long-time member of Lodi Amature Vintners Association.  When she isn’t working or studying, you will find her with family, doing everything possible to spoil her nieces and nephews. She loves to travel the globe, and has a goal to visit all of the wonders of the world, and as an avid fisher, to fish as many places as possible on these travels. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

 Office - 209-368-1801 


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