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Environmental Sustainability

Vineyards and wineries have a significant environmental impact, from water usage to energy consumption. Sustainable practices help reduce this impact, preserving the natural beauty of our region. Sustainable vineyard management often leads to healthier vines and better grapes, this in turn, translates into higher wine quality and an authentic expression of terroir. Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental and ethical implications of their purchases. 


In the Vineyard

At Bear Creek Winery, our environmental responsibility starts long before the grapes arrive at harvest. For us, true environmental sustainability starts in the vineyard.

In the Winery

Our practices encompass a range of strategies and techniques aimed at minimizing the environmental impact.

Cargo Ship at Sea

In route

We at Bear Creek take our carbon footprint very serious. We only work with logistic professionals who share our same vision, dedication and goals towards a healthier planet.

In the glass

The easiest way to live a more sustainable life is through the wine you drink. When it comes to sustainable wines, the Bear Creek Winery and Kautz Farms Teams are dedicated to more than just a trend. We aim to maintain a balance between production and preservation. By choosing sustainably produced wines, we can all do out part to preserve the the delicate balance of our planet while enjoying delicious wine, that buyers and consumers can be proud to purchase. 

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