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Our story starts with our people.

We commit to advancing a collaborative, inclusive and diverse culture that creates unique careers in the wine industry. For Bear Creek Winery social responsibility is an ethical theory in which the choices of an individual benefits the whole of a society. These choices must always reflect a balance between economic growth, the welfare of the people and preservation of the environment. We believe that by supporting our employees, providing a safe working facility and supporting our local community we are working towards that balance.

Our Employees

At Bear Creek Winery we realize the critical role our team plays in achieving our sustainability goals, and we are committed to working together to reduce our environmental footprint while encouraging the long- term prosperity of our winery.​

Checking the Temperature


Nothing is more important than safety. We are more committed than ever to strengthening our culture of safety through continuous improvement, learning and innovation. Teammates from across the enterprise are taking a proactive, unbiased and collaborative approach to all aspects of product safety and compliance. In all situations, every employee is empowered and encouraged to speak up if they have any safety or quality concern. Our team members have a deep and personal commitment to making certain safety for our products and people comes before all else. 

Safety Wear


The Kautz family is well known for their service and generosity in the local community. They support multiple charities and participate in many fundraisers every year. The family believes that in helping others, they are doing their part in building a sustainable framework for true community growth and preservation.

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