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What is Economic Sustainability? 

Economic sustainability is the economic aspect of sustainable development: the practice of maintaining the probability of an organization by considering its environmental, social and financial impact over time.  

Fists in Solidarity

Employee Investment

Bear Creek Winery takes economic sustainability very seriously. We aim to enrich the community financially by providing jobs with great benefits and competitive wages for our employees.  


Our team believes efficiency in the workplace saves time and allows us to allocate our precious hours towards critical tasks, leading to higher productivity levels with minimal wasted time, effort or resources. Improved efficiency has reduced stress for our employees by eliminating the need to rush and ensures tasks are completed smoothly. Our enhanced processes translate into cost savings to be used towards furthering our sustainability measures. 

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Recycling Bins

Enviromentally Friendly 

Embracing environment- friendly practices is not just a trend; it’s a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations. Every small action counts, and collectively our actions can lead to significant positive change. Our goal is to incorporate environment-positive mindset and action into our daily routine.


At Bear Creek Winery we understand the value of accountability. We take great pride that we are able to adhere to regulations and standards in a way that allows us to maintain long-term sustainability without negatively affecting the financial health of our organization.

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