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Workers with Safety Vests


Safety is our top priority


Nothing is more important at Bear CreeK Winery than safety — in the workplace and in the products we design, build and support. The Safety Guiding Principles provide the structure to achieve the goal of zero workplace injuries — so every person who works at, or visits, the Bear Creek Winery site leaves as safe and healthy as when they arrived.

Bear Creek Winery workplace safety program, is an approach to preventing sickness or injuries at work and stemms from the belief that every injury is preventable.

Achieving zero injuries is a constant effort. By continually identifying gaps and measuring progress using industry standard approaches, Bear Creeks's internal compliance requirements often exceed those set by government regulations.

Every employee has the responsibility to make safety and quality top priorities. Through valuing human life and well-being above all else and taking action accordingly, Bear Creek Winery will continue to foster an open culture where people are empowered and encouraged to speak up about any concerns with the assurance that they will be taken seriously.

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